Us Boys – filmed over four years, this documentary follows the daily life of Ernie Morrow, an Ulster Scots bachelor who farms Oldchurch in Glenarm, Co. Antrim. When his brother and partner of 75 years dies, he continues to live as he has done for the past eighty years.


The brothers Ernie and Stewart Morrow are both well into their seventies. Since their childhood, they have been living on a farm in a quiet and peaceful part of Northern Ireland, not far from Belfast. It looks as if the 20th century has passed this place by, but the brothers are proud of their coal-fired stove and gas lamps and want nothing to do with electricity. Both men never got married, but they do not regret it, as they are very fond of their freedom. Day in, day out they potter about with their chickens, ducks and sheep. The two do not get many folks on their yard and they hardly ever leave their glen themselves, either. For a few years, director Lionel Mill regularly visited the two brothers and filmed them in cinema vérité style, mainly observing things. In the process, he captured a way of life that will probably vanish when people like the Morrow brothers have passed away.


  • 2000 Certificate of Merit (San Francisco International Film Festival) Film & Video – Society & Culture International – Lionel Mill
  • 2003 IFTA Best Single Documentary


Director Lionel Mill
Cinematography David Barker
Editing James E. Dalton
Sound David Kilpatrick
Production Brian Willis for IGLOO Films


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